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Styling With Black Objects

Black or dark objects can really add drama and personality to an interior. The trick is to inject light into the overall look by using, reflective surfaces, vases, lamps, mirrors or pendant lights. This infuses a feeling of liveliness and movement preventing it from looking dull and depressing. To further energize the scene a bright coloured rug and plants are the perfect finale.Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 10.36.21 AM


Faux Leather Pants

A very cool look for any age. Mix the pattern in accessories and add a classic coat to streamline the silhouette.

Faux Leather Pants
Faux Leather Pants by catcstylist featuring a striped purse

MICHAEL Michael Kors green top
$300 –

Oasis long brown coat
$165 –

Kurt Geiger pointed toe pumps
$495 –

Striped purse
$460 –

Kate Spade wire jewelry

Oversized glasses

Starting with a Clock

Decorating can be so confusing, so many choices, styles and items but which ones go together? Why do some patterns look good together and others not? One way to make the process easier is to choose one piece you love and work out what you love about it. For me it is this clock, I love the colour combination and the hint of black. Black often is perceived as too dark for a bright interior, however when added to lots of colour it can add drama and sophistication. By choosing items I like in similar quantities to that in the clock we achieve a look that fits with the style of the clock. For a great range of cool clocks try

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 2.53.43 PM

Paleo Cafe

The Paleo Cafe is all about healthy eating. great for all to enjoy especially if your dairy free, gluten-free or allergic to additives. A great selection of food and drinks in a fresh and vibrant setting.


52 Clearly street Hamilton.





Cool Clocks

Want to add a bit of fun and personality to a room, try a clock from They have great designs, which can be printed onto clocks, cushions, canvas etc. The clocks are $30, not including postage. A very cool gift.

4600074_10119233-clkfwhw_j 3119993_11649907-clkfnhk_j 6317091_12513352-clkfkhk_j 2043058_16193722-clkfnhk_j 127154_11812657-clkfnhk_j 1897742_12222779-clkfnhw_j






Caves Beach

Over the school holidays I rediscovered a beach from my childhood, Caves Beach. Now everyone I have spoken to knows the resort on the beach but very few venture past this to the Surf Club and Cafe. This is the real hidden gem. With a perfect grassed picnic and BBQ area, lots of shade, amenities, caves to explore, gorgeous beach and great food (best burger I have had in years). This spot is perfect of a day at the beach. I recommend getting there early to get a good park. Once in Caves Beach follow signs to the Resort, got past it and all the way to the end of the car park, follow signs to cafe.



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